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European Bee Lovers - Call for tenders
Implementing Body


Download the call for tender specifications


Title: Implementation of a promotion campaign in Belgium from 2022 to 2024 around the topic of sustainable farming and consumption of European honey

Reference: BeeLife/EUBEELOVERS/2022/02

Procurement procedure: Open call 




Dear Madam/Sir, 

BeeLife European Beekeeping coordination is planning to award the contract(s) resulting from this procurement procedure for the implementation of a triannual promotion campaign in Belgium, with the objective to promote the sustainability of the farming sector and the consumption of European honey. We are looking for an agency that:

  • Can provide native German, French and Dutch (oral and writing) language skills 

  • has very good English writing and oral language skills

  • has experience in the promotion of agri-food and environmental sectors

  • is an outstanding partner in providing senior counselling to BeeLife

  • can deliver campaign management with creative thinking and implementation skills


Economic operators interested in this contract are invited to submit a tender in English/French. The agency will be viewed as an extension of the team.


1. Submission of tenders

Tenders must be submitted exclusively via the electronic submission to info(at)


Country in which the campaign will be implemented: Belgium.


Duration of the campaign: 3 years (2022-2024).


Agricultural products: honey and sustainability of farming practices.


Budget: 367,500.00 € (VAT NOT INCLUDED).


Tender specifications: the document with all the necessary information on the competition is available on the BeeLife website: The document is available between 02/01/2022 and 09/02/2022.


Deadlines for submission of documentation:


09/02/2022 at 16:00 - “Receipt Time Limit” - Closing date and time for receipt of offers (Refer to the BeeLife/EUBEELOVERS/2022/02. Proposals must be sent in digital format to the following email address info(at)

2. Tender criteria



  • Signed Declaration attesting to compliance with article 67 of Law from 17 June 2016 on Public Markets.

  • Certificate of being up to date with Social Security payments.

  • Certificate of being up to date with payments of taxes of the country concerned.

  • Certificate of being in order in terms of juridical records.

  • Proof of their official registration in one EU country. 


The Declaration(s) on honour on exclusion and selection criteria shall be dated and signed, either by hand or by applying a qualified or an advanced electronic signature based on a qualified certificate, by an authorised representative of the signatory. A scanned copy must be attached to the tender when the Declaration(s) on honour is/are signed by hand.


  • Absence of conflict of interest with BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination.

  • List of the staff profiles assigned to the project and detailed CV of the project team members. 




Tenderers must ensure that their submitted tenders contain all the information and documents required by the contracting authority at the time of submission as set out in the procurement documents. 


3. Important remarks


All costs associated with preparing and responding to this tender are the sole responsibility of the responding Company and will not be reimbursed by BeeLife.


The campaign will be financed with funds from the sector itself and with funds from the European Union.

Contracting conditions: Those set out in the tender specifications and EU regulations.


4. Legal effects of the invitation to tender and submission of a tender. 


This invitation to tender is in no way binding on the contracting authority. BeeLife's contractual obligation commences when both parties sign the contract with the successful tenderer. 

The submitted tender is binding on the tenderer to whom the contract is awarded for the contract duration. 


5. Contacts during the procurement procedure. 


Contacts between the contracting authority and tenderers are prohibited throughout the  procedure save in exceptional circumstances and under the following conditions only: 

5.1 Submission phase (before the time limit for receipt of tenders) 

Upon request, the contracting authority may provide additional information solely to clarify the procurement documents. The contracting authority is not bound to reply to requests for additional information received less than three working days before the time limit for receipt of tenders. The contracting authority may, on its initiative, inform interested parties of any error, inaccuracy, omission or any other type of clerical error in the text of the procurement documents. 


5.2 Evaluation phase (after the opening of tenders) 

Except in duly justified cases, tenderers who have failed to submit evidence or make statements as required in the procurement documents shall be contacted by the contracting authority to provide the missing information or clarify supporting documents. The contracting authority may correct obvious clerical errors in the tender after confirmation of the correction by the tenderer. Such information, clarification, or confirmation shall not substantially change the tender. 


5.3 Award phase  

Tenderers will be notified of the outcome of this procurement procedure by email. The notification will be sent to the email address provided in the application of the tenderer (group leader in case of a joint tender). The same email address will be used by the contracting authority for all other communications with the tenderer. It is the tenderer's responsibility to provide a valid email address and to check it regularly. 

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